EASY Line-up

EASY-guests 2016

DJ & Instructor Surprise

Comimg from abroad!
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Status: about to be disclosed!

Well the Surprise of this year will an opening for the majority of you (even if we did publish the name from the very start).

He's not the sort of a media figure, but «widely known in narrow circles».

What's his role? He will run a 1,5 hours workshop, share his favorite music at the parties, participate in the Legends battle, photo session and maybe even Latin Jam Session!

Very impressive, charismatic, charming & engaged — the way we love it!

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Just because Oz is Oz!

Good Dj, good dancer, good person - quite enough to make a choice.

Directly from London — one of the best musical experts Dj Oz.

DJ El Chino Exclusive.

Cali, Colombia
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Chino — Solar Latin Club!

It all started in 2014, when we brought Chino for the first time in Russia. Very few people knew that this guy from Colombia is a kind of legendary figure.

«Where from? Colombia?» — went sceptical the on2 dancers... Bringing to their imagination Colombian dancing champions with crazy footwork or cumbia music.

But the debute of Dj El Chino in Russia was a 100% success: he played rare mambo & guaguanco tunes & the most recent latin jazz & mambo by the bands many of us had never even heard about.

In 2015 Chino played in 3 Russian on2 capitals in 3 days, each night in a new place: Moscow, Rostov & St-Petersburg.

And that was it. Now we can't spend a summer without Dj El Chino... Looking forward!

DJ Genc

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There can never be too much of Gena!

The Godfather of the Russian Salsa is coming... ;)

We're completely delighted to welcome Gena & his wife Marina at our Weekend again.

Not only because Gena plays the tastiest salsa music.

And nor because Gena & Marina represent the so-called 'Rostov' on2 dancing tradition, recognizable not only in Russia.

And even not because Gena is a soul of any company.

But because without these people we won't feel fully content.

Marina Vanushina Exclusive: Dj!


Gena's choice — is our choice!

We don't know anyone better than Marina!

You don't know anyone better than Marina!

An even Gena doesn't know anyone better — & we can not argue with Gena!

If you have never danced with Marina or never been to Rostov 'Third Front' Salsa Congress — do not miss a chance to meet these people.

And you know what?

First time ever you will hear Marina play her favorite music at on of the parties.

DJ Baranov

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Baranov — № 1

Evgenii Baranov was born in Krasnoyars & represents open-hearted Siberian people.

He's the best Russian technical Dj. Many large events in Siberia, Moscow & St-Petersburg have been held under his technical patronage. So will be the ET.

He also has great taste for music & plays only what he enjoys playing - as it is set at EASY SUNDAY Parties which he organizes with his wife Dj Jane.

If he refuses to a dance invitation — don't try to persuade him. Evgenii doesn't dance. However a couple of drinks might change this completely...

DJ Jane

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Baranova — № 2

Jane Baranova — is the only girl in our Dj Line-up. Thanks God, not a blondie ;)

Very talented in creating stuff & producing ideas.

As a Dj — she obtains particular fair for music, which is not influenced by any mainstream.

Very feminine on the dance floor & creative in music interpretation.

Absolutely irrepeatable... According to her husband's statement, thank's God there's no second one like her in this Universe :)

Elena Badzym Exclusive: Dj!

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Miss Salsa — in force

According to Salsa Night Awards, Elena has a title of Miss Salsa (Best Salsa Dancer of the year).

In future — Miss Universe, for sure!)

She's a magnet. Beautiful, elegant, delicate & on the contrary to all stereotypes — intelligent & kind!

It could be enough for her to just to stand at a party & smile. But she dances!

The most feminine lady on the dancefloor.

She's also the victim of the organisers & will debute as a dj!

DJ 2mambo

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What a mambo without 2Mambo

Anton Scherbak — is a well-known snob & provocator.

Respected person, intellectual, egghead & terrible perfectionist.

Wears bow-ties & hats.

He will always be noticed on the dance floor for his style. As a Dj — he can warm up even a completely dead crowd.

Anton is a pioneer of the Russian salsa-show scene. His team has performed on the main stage of many international congresses such as Berlin, Riga & Monaco.

In reality Anton is a very nice person, our close friend whom we're looking forward to see.

Victor Radziun

WEB: Фейсбук

The leader of mambotribe

Who is this gentleman with intellectual face? (well not on this particular photo but in general;))))

No, he's not an instructor, not a dj, not a musician, neither photographer or barmen... But he's one of the «elder» on the Russian salsa scene.

He runs mambotribe.org salsa web site & knows about salsa a lot, if not everything...

Frankly speaking he started salsa when we were going to the school discoteques.

If there were academic degrees in salsa, he'd be a Ph.D just for the Salsa History article he wrote in Russian.

Victor will take part in the Legend's Battle as last year.

Boris Hecha

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Who, if not him?!

The most Russian out of all Cubans & the most Cuban out of all Russians.

Here's why — they like & accept him everywhere.

On the dance floor, on the stage, with microphone or on congas — whatever he does, you can feel his special emotionality & aura.

He particularly likes stylish accessories, red cars & photography.

What are we planning to engage him in apart from the Legends battle?

Latin Jazz Jam Session of corse!


Alisha Twins

WEB: Vkontakte

A Pick from Alisha: Rooftop Photo Session!

Alisha Twins is the most credited & recognizable photographer in the Russian salsa community.

But few know that apart from salsa she specializes at shooting the beautiful city of St-Petersburg. Moreover, she belongs to a specific group of the photographers who get on top of the roofs to make the shoots from the top.

She was even picked up by television for the interview on this.

And we're having photo session on the roof with her.

Valentina Vikhritskaya

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Photo Paintings by Valentina

We called her to replace our photographer at our local party EASY SUNDAY & she did the photo report which was not like any other before.

We call her works photo-paintings because they do look like paintings.

She also does really nice black & white pictures.

So all in all, we have cool photographers — the rest is after you:)